This taverna is run by a Greek family in which the whole family participates.

This restaurant is run by a Greek family where the family actually helps. For example, Mom in the kitchen and prepare all dishes with fresh ingredients and meat and fish that have purchased the same morning at the fish market in Stegna or removed from the butcher in the village. The father does control and help the girls join in bringing the food and the weather presentable create the tables on the terrace.

This is a typical tavern where the whole family takes part in the operation, the kitchen and serving. You can sample delicious prepared authentic Greek cuisine. Are you in the area then I would definitely go long here.

Every day at 7 am, the family begins the day with making purchases after all Greek dishes such as moussaka and stifado are freshly prepared in the run towards the evening. Upon arrival, a delicious "homemade" liqueur of the house and also the homemade dessert of the house is not to be sneezed at. In addition, especially the (day) of fresh fish a must, but let you be surprised by Stelios who like to make a suggestion if you ask.